December 30 Monday 1 a.m. born at Tiruchuli.


Moves to Dindigul, after completing elementary education at Tiruchuli. 


Moves to Madurai, to live with paternal uncle, Subba Iyer. Studies at Scott's Middle School and American Mission High School


November - hears of 'Arunachala' mentioned to him by an elderly relative. 


About middle of July "Death Experience" at Madurai ending in complete and permanent Realization of the Self.


Moved to Gurumurtam in the outskirts of the town less than a year and a half after his arrival at Tiruvannamalai


February - Moves to the Hill, Arunachala.

Stays in various caves up the Hill - Satguru Swami Cave [Alamarathu Guhai], Guhu Namasivaya Cave for short periods, then to Virupaksha Cave [PB44]

But mostly in Virupaksha Cave [lived here for 17 years] , using Mango Tree Cave [near Mulaipal Tirtham - SR69] as summer residence. [His first cave on the Hill was the Virupaksha - SR67]

Virupaksha Deva 15th century saint [Glory of Arunachala]


Between 1900 „Virupaksha Cave. Later published as Self-Enquiry


Answers questions asked by Sivaprakasam Pillai, published in 1923.


November 18: Kavyakanta Ganapati Muni visits Bhagavan. Bhagavan imparts upadesa to the Muni. In a letter Muni wrote next day, he declared that the Swami should be called Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi.


Translates into Tamil prose Adi Sankara's Viveka Chudamani and Drig Drisya Viveka


First recorded visit of a Westerner - F.H.Humphreys visits Bhagavan.


Composes Arunachala Pancharatanam in Sanskrit

Sri Ramana Gita written in Sanskrit by Ganapati Muni [questions put to Sri Bhagavan between December 1913 and August 1917 on different occasions, and his answers - SR93]


April 24 - Composes Atma Vidya.
Composes Upadesa Saram in Tamil, Telugu, Sanskrit and Malayalam.


April 14, Friday Brahman Nirvana of Bhagavan at 8.47 p.m.

Compiled from Dr. Ajay Kumar